What is Facial Aesthetics?

As time passes, deep lines, wrinkles and sagging may occur on the face. Whatever problem is to be considered in facial aesthetics, solutions for that problem should be applied. For example; it is not appropriate to recommend a face lift instead of simple and low-cost procedures such as botox and fillers to a 40-year-old woman who has dimples below the eyes, slightly wrinkled around the eyes, deep mimic lines, and who have not had any aesthetic procedures before.


The basic principle in facial rejuvenation is to complete the deficiencies.

OIL INJECTION or FILLER to fill dimples.

BOTOX for fine wrinkles on the eye corners and forehead.




Dimples under the eyes, deep lines on the forehead and lip edges can be removed in 5 minutes without surgery and at very affordable costs. Its permanence is an average of 2 years.

Does it get worse if the filling is not repeated after 2 years?

It is the patient’s preference whether to have the same procedure performed again when the effect of the filling is over. In fact, since the deepening of the dimples in the area where the filling is performed will be prevented, it becomes better than before. It never gets worse than it used to be.


In cases where the external filling material is not sufficient, the fat taken from other parts of the body (such as abdomen, waist area) can be used to fill deep dimples in the face. Since the patient has his own fat, it does not need to be repeated, it is permanent. It does not leave any traces, it is a process where we get very good results providing a practical and natural appearance.



The easiest way to eliminate the wrinkles on the forehead and eye edges is the botox process. Since it is a non-operative and cost-effective procedure performed in 5 minutes, it is a frequently preferred procedure in almost all age groups over 25 years old. Its permanence is on average 5-6 months. Although it is frequently performed by non-plastic surgeons today, this is not a healthy condition. As a result, we often see mimic disorders, drooping of the eyelid and unnatural facial expressions around. It is very important that it should be performed by the right physician.

If I have Botox done once and then repeat it, will I look worse than before?

With the effect of botox, the use of mimic that causes wrinkle formation will decrease relatively compared to the past, and the deepening of the wrinkled area is prevented. Therefore, although the skin regains its old condition when not repeated, it provides a better appearance when repeated frequently.


How is Face and Neck Lift Performed?


When the sagging of the skin is removed from minimal levels, there will be no better solution than facelift surgery. Since the scars will be on the scalp and behind the ears, it does not bother the patient, the procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours. The patient can stand up 4 hours after the procedure. Since the stitches are self-melting stitches, there is no need for a special dressing. After the hospitalization for 1 or 2 nights, a control is made on the 5th day and the patient can return to his daily life.


In addition to face lift surgeries over the age of 50, neck lift may also be required to prevent sagging in the neck. If there is excess fat in the neck, fat removal can be performed from this area.


What are Ear, Lip and Eyelid Aesthetics?

What is Prominent Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)?

Otoplasty actually means ear aesthetics as it has a word meaning. It is the process of reshaping the auricle and making it more natural and aesthetic. There are many surgical techniques and methods. It can be successfully performed by a number of surgeons.

To whom prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty) is applied?

Otoplasty may be performed to anyone who is not satisfied with their ear shape. Pathologies such as ear size and prominence (absence or weakness of the antihelix and cavumconhaperertrophy) disturbing the patients, natural and patient-pleasing results can be obtained with various otoplasty techniques. Especially for preschool children, the average age of 5 is the ideal time. The fact that the prominent ear is a joke subject at school affects the psychology of children quite negatively.

What is Lip Aesthetics?

The lower lip should be larger than the upper lip. The distance between the lip and the nose should be between 12 and 15 mm. With aging, the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose increases. This may be accompanied by thinning in the fleshy parts of the lips. Although the upper lip and nasal floor distance is normal in young patients, it may seem as if the lip-nose distance is long as a result of the lips not being bulky enough. In this case, it is necessary to add volume to the lips. While the ratio of the upper lip to the total lip volume is 40%, the ratio of the lower lip should be 60%. If this situation is reversed, if more volume is given to the upper lip, the upper lips may appear too protruding from the side and a duck lip appearance may occur. Another incident is the lip lines that form the edges of the fleshy parts of the lip. When these lines are clarified, the lip looks fuller with less volume and it is possible to give less volume to the fleshy parts of the lip. The filterum lines that descend from the base of the nose to the lip should also be prominent. In addition, symmetry disorders in the lips should be corrected as much as possible.


What is Eyelid Surgery?

It is a procedure performed under local or general anesthesia according to the general health condition and preference of the patient for problems such as under-eye bags and drooping of the upper eyelid. The patient can return to his daily life immediately after the procedure. Control is done on the 4th postoperative day. It is possible to correct both the under-eye bags and the lower upper eyelid at the same time. Quick results are obtained after the procedure, people who have problems with their eyelids on their face will experience a noticeable change after this procedure and an extremely natural appearance is achieved. With a very simple procedure, the patient gets rid of tired, old or sleepy appearance.


Is There Any Trace After Aesthetics Applications?

It is believed among the public that the wounds heal without a scar after plastic surgery. In fact, they are partially right because scars can be hidden in rhinoplasty, eyelid aesthetics, face lift surgeries, and prominent ear surgeries. Therefore, they hope to have traceless results. In fact, aesthetic surgery is the most sensitive one among the surgical branches in terms of scarring, and it is the branch that receives deep training and spares the most time to cover the skin in operations. However, after each surgical procedure, after each plastic surgery, there is always an surgery scar. But a lot of effort and time is spent so that this scar is as little as possible.


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